In Fayetteville, NC and Southeast MD - Richard is available to do demonstrations of structural strategies for yoga, pilates, martial arts classes, and military groups. We are available for other fitness groups, please call and ask if you are interested!

New offerings! Circle of Compassion and Grounding class

We are offering a Circle of Compassion on Wednesday March 29th at the DeepRoots office in Fayetteville, NC at 730pm. The Circle of Compassion is an embodied exercise of cultivating compassion in your life and in your attitude towards yourself and others. This activity is free of charge.

The Circle of Compassion is like a meditation. We start with grounding exercises, a reading, and align our physical and energetic bodies. Then we offer compassion to ourselves, our loved ones, and others in the world who need it, and close with another reading.

In addition, I will be offering a Grounding and Core Activation class at 630pm Wednesday March 29th before the Circle of Compassion as preparation. This class is donation based from $10-$20. A donation is not necessary to attend the Class or the Circle; if the cost of the class would keep you from attending, please come. We prefer you to attend this important healing work. This class is very useful as a stand-alone, and as self care for the bodywork that clients receive during sessions.

I offer the grounding class first as a way to settle into your body more fully before the Circle of Compassion. I find that it is very helpful preparation for the Circle. People who have attended have described it as a very and slow gentle yoga or movement class.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend, text me at 910-273-5351.

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