Five Element Acupuncture, sometimes called Worsley Acupuncture, was developed by Master Acupuncturist J. R. Worsley at Leamington Spa in England. Five Element acupuncture utilizes a constitutional approach, meaning that the body is treated as a whole rather than as a collection of symptoms or problems to be fixed or addressed. Dr. Worsley noticed that many problems that individuals in our culture suffer from (including physical pain) are created (or aggravated by) our mind and our emotions and our resistance to what is happening in the moment. Five Element Acupuncture helps the patient to overcome energetic, mental and lifestyle blocks that keep them from living fully and helps them to create empowering and healthier habits of thinking, acting, and being. Patients often remark that they are able to more fully express their strength and inner nature.

Many acupuncture point names and treatment strategies highlight the ability of acupuncture treatment to have broad affects on a mind, body, and spirit level simultaneously. Many potential imbalances and symptoms are addressed during the course of treatment.

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