Jenny Lewis
MD Licensed Massage Therapist and Intuitive Healer
 Jenny has dedicated her life to and follows a path guided by Spirit, the unspeakable Divine. She began experiencing and cultivating her intuitive abilities in 2013 during an intense period of personal healing. As Jenny experienced her own intuitive healing gifts, she was able to heal and safely stop taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication she had been on for over a decade.
Jenny experienced a whole new way of looking at the world, the body, and life that she now brings to her clients. She believes that a healer is one who has faced her own darkness and pain and come out on the other side with deep wisdom. Her own healing journey has helped her to cultivate a healing presence that defines the sessions that she offers.
 Jenny approaches client concerns from the perspective that the body, mind, emotion, and soul are connected. All must be considered for whole healing. She treats the whole person in her session with dialogue, deep listening, compassion, mindfulness, touch, and prayer (intention). She encourages clients to work with her to release what is being held in the body-mind-soul with breath and conscious opening. 
Jenny's sessions address physical concerns such as neck tightness or low back pain, mental or emotional strain, migraines, sleeplessness or restless sleep, anxiety, feelings of depression, obsessive thoughts, terror, lack of safety in one’s own body, dissonance between desire and the ability to follow through, relationship issues, grief, sexual abuse, and many other concerns. She specializes in working with people who have experienced all types of trauma and approaches every session with reverence and respect for the trust being placed in her. Clients who are anxious about receiving therapeutic touch are welcome. 

Jenny offers massage therapy, intuitive healing sessions, distance healing sessions, and spiritual counseling sessions. You must experience a session with Jenny to believe the results: 

~ Jenny is spot on with her intuitive perception, healing touch & ability to name/identify the root or dynamic of what ails. - Ayanna H

~ Ask yourself if you are ready to let go of what is in the way of your divinity.  If you are, Jenny is the one you want to walk with on that most difficult and yet most beautiful path. Her attunement, her strength, and her capacity to be a clear channel for Spirit to do the great work of healing is a gift to any who find her. - Kathleen Hanagan, LCSW

~ Listening and follow through. Excellent experience. - Erin K

~ I highly recommend Jenny Lewis's services not only as an amazing Massage Therapist, but as an Intuitive Bodyworker and Spiritual Energy Healer as well! Jenny has such a wide range of knowledge, wisdom and training to facilitate Healing and Shifts in a very rapid manner; allowing each client to feel safe, nurtured and supported in their journey (no matter where they are at). I thank Jenny from  the bottom of my heart for offering this Deep and Transformational Work!
- Asa Stoltz, LMFT 
~ Our time together is a blessing like no other has ever given me before. - Stephanie A
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