Structure is the Gateway to Divinity 
 Structure is you, your physical and energy bodies. Structural Integration uses a soft tissue approach and helps people to achieve better posture, alignment and body awareness. Return to ease in the body. Return to what yogic practices refer to as "being in flow". Release stuck and/or painful patterns in the body, mind, and spirit by receiving this work today.
Experience Structural Integration 
in Fayetteville, NC and Columbia, MD
Experience Five Element Acupuncture in Columbia, MD
A Veteran-Owned and Operated Business
Richard is a MD and NC licensed massage and bodywork therapist and a MD licensed acupuncturist. Experience KMI Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, and Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching, among many other healing modalities. Richard's knowledge base for creating freedom within movement is extensive, and his passion includes sharing this with his clients and helping them to manifest ease of movement in their lives.
Richard has a dedicated practice of yoga and loves to help yoga and Pilates students achieve their practice goals. Richard is interested in working with military, athletes, those who have a spiritual or wellness focus, and anyone looking to be empowered to make life changes. 
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Circles of Compassion and Grounding classes offered regularly.
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Some reasons people recommend DeepRoots Bodywork
History of Trauma - Feeling 'ungrounded' - 'Stuck' in life 
Depression - Back Pain - Neck Pain - Shoulder Pain - Body Awareness - Sciatica - Plantar Fasciitis - Shin Splints - Inflexibility - Personal Growth - TMJ - Headaches - Sports Injuries - Performance Enhancement
DeepRoots Bodywork can often help you improve
Posture - Endurance - Flexibility
Coping with Repetitive body use - Ease in Movement
Yoga - Pilates - Running - Training for Military Schools - Focus - Clarity - Mood
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